New Pricing


This only applies to new bookings. Anything that is already booked has the old pricing.

Series that I have already started or are already booked will still have the old pricing for all its sequels in the future.
Old pricing:
In March makes a year since I began as a full-time designer. I’ve improved a lot since last year, and as such, it’s time to reevaluate and raise my prices, so they’re closer to the average.

Starting from today(January 26th): $50 deposit when booking 3+ months in advance.

Why? I’m currently fully booked until mid-June and I need to be able to protect myself against sudden cancellations or clients forgetting they have a slot.
The slot will not be reserved until the deposit has been paid. This is not a standalone fee, but part of the rates and will be deducted from your total. The remaining balance of the invoice will be due upon approval of the design.

Starting from March 31st: Three new packages: Economy($160), Premium($230) and a Promo package deal ($75).

Some things might still be tweaked, but this is what I’ve settled on for now. Anyone who contacts me from March 31st will have this new pricing.
So if you’d like a new cover in June, July or August, etc., then you can contact me until March 30th and you’ll still have the old pricing, but you’ll have to pay a $50 deposit at the moment of the booking to secure your slot.
You can book your new cover here: (scroll down the page and fill in the form)
Anyone who orders more than one cover package will still have a 10% discount, and premade continuations will have a 15% discount.
Here is my design contract if anyone would like to read it:
100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy or if you’ve purchased the cover package and we can’t come to an agreement on the design.
I hope I made this clear for you! If not, please comment if you have any questions! Or PM me to talk about your cover
And here’s my email: